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Mosurtech is here to translate your dreams into Reality!

MOSURTECH is emerging as one of the most dominant players in the technology sector in India. It has come up with numerous solutions to resolve any issues that clients may face with digital transformation. We have a team of skilled individuals to handle the clients’ requirements, anything related to digital services, and consulting. Our global partnerships make it easier for us to be innovative enough to deploy the best digital transformation structure for all our big and small clients.

Our Clients Come To Us & Never Leave

Our future-ready solutions prepare businesses for a sustainable corporate environment. We treat our clients’ ventures as our own and work to develop them technologically, or to be more precise, digitally, to help them remain in the competition and leave their rivals behind. In a span of just 5+ years, we have managed to keep our customer retention to 100%. Clients come to us to stay associated forever. Their word of mouth is a catalyst in replicating our number of collaborations in the market.

Our Innovative Ecosystem

We are into providing various services including, but not limited to, consulting, engineering, design, and operations. Our latest technology-drivensetup helps businesses have the most competent infrastructure. Our professionals understand the latest technical conceptsare little known to clients and associates. Thus, we make sure to enhance their knowledge of the technology so that they can serve customers in the best way. Until they know something themselves, convincing their leads would be difficult. We are, therefore, available to assist them as and when required.


Rinku Jain is the founder and CEO of MosurTechnosolutionsPvt.Ltd. She is a tech enthusiast and has worked with Fortune 500 companies across the US And Asia.She is perceived as someone with high leadership potential. Her extraversive nature, her calm and confident demeanour, and her ability to connect with others and assert herself have helped her build high-performingorganizations, cultivate talent and lead engaged productive teams. She is a high conscientiousness, self-motivated and Methodical person. She places high value on duty and obligation which makes her very reliable. She is a person who is highly open to new experiences, very creative, adventurous, and curious about novel ideas. She is a continuous learner and often tries to venture beyond her comfort zone. She knows the importance of balancing novelty and practicality.

Rinku has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics from BITS, Pilani, and a Post Graduate (PGPMAX) Degree from the Indian School of Business. She is an ardent Learner and has time and again polished her skills. She has a lot of Certifications for various subjects both Technical and Business, from various universities and a few of them include the World’s Best.She has done her Entrepreneurship Programme from the University of Bocconi, Italy, Competitive Marketing Strategy, Corporate Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions from the Wharton School of Business, Philadelphia, and Global Strategy and Organisation and Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London Business School, UK.

Rinku loves Travelling, reading, and spending time with nature. A sportsperson at heart, she has learned never to give up no matter how worst the situation could be.

Leadership Team

Mr. Mohan Jain

is the founder of Nakoda Wires and Cables Private Ltd, Moctor Industries Private Ltd, Ishwar Wire Products, and SVE. He is a recognized and accomplished expert in the Indian cable and wire Industry. He has been a firm believer in technology since the very beginning. His customer-centric approach blended with a futuristic vision has always ensured the production of the highest quality.

He is the brain behind some of the path-breaking innovations in the industry. He is the guiding force behind Nakoda’s vision to become the undisputed leader in its category and build up a strong corporate identity. His hard work and pioneering ideas have played a major role in the company’s success. His contribution to the company is exceptional and unsurpassed.

Mr. Kapil Kumar Jain

is a B.Tech (Bachelor of Engineering) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University Telangana. He is the director of Nakoda Cables Private Limited, New Delhi, and chief marketing head at Shree Vikram Electricals. He has been pivotal in the Digital Transformation of various activities at the said organizations. He is the Protagonist in Planning, Organizing, and optimizing resources for the various initiatives that have taken place at the organizations.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar Jain

is a B.Tech (Bachelor of Engineering) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University Telangana. He is a young and dynamic professional with a strong entrepreneurial background of over 10 years. He has held a variety of roles in strategy and technology with emphasis on planning, long-range road mapping, budgeting, pre-sales and sales operations, project execution, and accounts management. He has experience in rolling out and program managing large, and complex transformational projects.

Our Promise


We assure quality and that’s the key to our success. Just remember, when you are choosing us, you are choosing the best.

Top-class Service

Our service is next to none. We believe in offering the best in class services to our clients. We try to push ourselves to exceed our clients expectations.


We are not your one-time partner, it’s a lifetime partnership. We promise consistent Quality and Top-Service. Let’s come together and make wonders happen.


Our customers are our assets, and we never forget that. We make things easy to access for our protagonists.